VRD-2 27-5/8 #2 V-TRACK STEEL DRILLED CNC actuators guide rail V-groove bearing

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Country of Manufacture:
United States
Country/Region of Manufacture:
United States
Square or Profile Rail




Ident Brand Description Length Used in:
302040-27.62 Made in USA Pre-drilled, #2 Edge hardened steel V-track for linear slides Use with #2 V-groove bearings (3/8 bore).  27 5/8 inches CNC machine slides

This is new stock.  Comes oiled and sealed in plastic.

302040-28 One Piece of 27 5/8 inch V-track for linear slides on CNC machines. 
Use with #2 V-groove bearings (3/8 bore) to make a 2 foot travel, linear slide.
This length gives approx 4 inches of overtravel for a 24 " axis design.

This listing is a length of V-track (27 5/8 inch).  The material is steel with an induction hardened 90 degree V on the top.  Each track is pre-drilled with the first hole starting at .31 inch from the right side of the track.  The 13/64 (.203) drilled holes are clearance for a #10 screw ( 10-32 or 10-24).  The hardened V-track will hold up for years of service using hardened #2 V-wheels.

The material is hardened so it is not recommended to cut with a band saw.  An abrasive chop saw or cutoff disk in a hand held tool ( like a Dremel) will work fine if you need to cut to a different length.  We screw two lengths to both sides of a 3/8 thick x 3" wide cold rolled steel length or an extruded aluminum rectangle to form a slide mount for either our 4" or 6" Z-slides.  Typical accuracy of the width of a cold rolled steel or Extruded aluminum rectangle is about .001 inch per foot.  The resulting assembly yields an excellent structure on which to build a CNC router, plasma, laser, or other table based CNC machine.  Using this material on our desktop CNC routers we typically have .002-.004 total variation per foot.  An alternative to using two opposed V-tracks is to use a V-wheel on top and a cam follower on the bottom of a single v-track.  The cam follower is slightly pre-loaded to prevent lifting of the V-roller from the track.  This concept is used on our moving table machines.

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