Special 4x custom lengths lead screw kits see description for details

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Country/Region of Manufacture:
United States
Country of Manufacture:
United States

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ItemSKUQuantityDescriptionPrice/eachTotal price
130403521/2-10 x 53 ½ inch, 5 start, low carbon, oil finish, Right Hand acme threaded rod$38.49$76.98
230403511/2-10 x 60 1/4, 5 start, low carbon, oil finish, Right Hand acme threaded rod$38.49$38.49
3304033-211/2-10 x 13 ¾ inch, 2 start, low carbon, oil finish, Right Hand acme threaded rod$8.89$8.89
430433018 Pack, ½ flanged bearings$31.40$31.40
53042708Straight NEMA 23 Motor Mount Bearing Block Bracket$14.00$112.00
63043204Straight Drive Bracket for ½ anti-backlash nut$12.00$48.00
73020661¼ x ½ Flex coupler, black annodized$10.25$10.25
8304290116 pack, Motor Mount Spacer, aluminum, 5/16 hex, 8-32 M-F x 1 ½ long $18.66$18.66
9304030x311/2-10, 5 start ab-nut, 3 pack$32.00$32.00
1030402011/2-10, 2 start ab-nut, EACH$13.99$13.99
1130404031/2-10, 5 start shaft clamp$7.99$23.97
1230403811/2-10, 2 start shaft clamp$6.99$6.99

Total Material cost


Cutting Charge
4Cut 4 rods to length$5.00$20.00

Total material and labor


Quantity Discount


Order Total




304254-5 No-Machine Acme Leadscrew Kit,
Special lengths
with FIVE andTWO start 1/2-10 right hand thread.

Note: Photos on this listing are for the 12 inch 1 start version of this kit.  This listing is for a 36" 2 start, NOT a 12 ".

Above: assembled showing the 12 inch max travel lead screw with supporting bearings on each end.

Above: assembled showing the 12 inch max travel lead screw using one end support.

Zero Backlash, Zero Endplay, Zero Machining 

This listing is for the 36 inch travel version, 2 start.  Ships disassembled. Stepper motor not included.

Lead screw included with this kit is 38 3/4 long.  It provides a full 36 inches in the one end installation and approx 35.75 inches in the dual end installation.  Components are included in this kit for either method of assembly.

Drive bracket is designed to be removable from the lead screw, without having to completely unscrew the lead nut from the screw during alignment, fit at assembly, or design phases.

End brackets are assembled using one single or two opposed, flanged bearings.  The end brackets mount from the bottom, using 1/4-20 screws.  Mounting screws are included to mount to a base that ranges from 3/8-5/8 inch thick.

The kit is designed to be installed on a CNC machine using hand tools such as a drill, file, and Allen wrenches. Desired length is adjusted by simply sawing the leadscrew to the needed length and deburring the end. Zero backlash acme nut, 1/2-10 dual lead, 36 inch max travel precision steel leadscrew, includes brackets, NEMA23 motor mount, and hardware.  Provides thrust bearing with adjustable preload using a threaded acme clamp, and zero backlash from a Delrin lead nut with spring loaded wear compensation.

(Click for larger image above)


(Click for larger image above)

Note: NEMA23 Motor shown above is not included, but can be added for additional cost.

12" max travel shown mounted to an aluminum plate above and with stepper motor

Included in package: See Details above


Flanged bearing 2
Flex Coupling 1/4 x 1/2 1
Zero Backlash Lead Nut, 2 start 1
Acme threaded Shaft Clamp, 2 start 1
Motor Mount Bracket 2
5/16 hex Standoff 4
Drive Bracket 1
Spacer 2
Lead Screw 1/2-10, 2 start 36" max travel 1
1/4-20 x 1" Button socket Allen screw 4
10-32 x 1/2 Button socket Allen screw 4
8-32 x 1/2 Socket head Allen screw 4

Note: 1) NEMA23 Motor shown above, (6 wire 280 oz-in), is not included, but can be added for $55 additional ( includes $10 shipping and may ship separately from other components), subject to availability.

To purchase additional or substitute items listed above, send a note when you checkout, or a separate message at the same time and we will send you an invoice for the extra amount.

Note: 2) We try to combine shipping if possible.  If you order multiple of this item at the same time the shipping is automatically calculated correctly.  

Below: Image of all components included.  The 12" max travel lead screw is shown below.


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