304060 3/4-6 x 72 inch (6 foot) 1 start Acme threaded rod for lead screw CNC

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United States
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Ident Brand Description Length Used in:
304060 Made in USA 3/4-6 precision Acme leadscrew
Single Start Low Carbon Steel
Oil Finish, Right hand
6 foot CNC machine axis drives

This is new stock.  Each revolution of the screw moves .167 inch linearly. Accurate to .009 inch / foot

Ships by UPS.  No P.O. Boxes.


What does multiple start mean?
  Lead screws can have more than one thread cut into the diameter. 
We offer 1, 2 and 5 start lead screws.  A 1 start has only a single thread cut.  A 2 start has 2 threads and
the motion per revolution is doubled from .1 inch per rev to .2 inch per rev.  Similarly the 5 start has
5 separate threads cut into the outside diameter of the rod.  This results in motion of .5 inch
per revolution of the screw.

What is Low Carbon Steel? Low carbon steel is a machinable steel like C1018, delivered fairly soft, but
with a minimum tensile strength of 64,000 psi. Hardness is 126-180 Brinell.

What is Alloy Steel? Alloy steel is pre-heat treated 4140 alloy. Harder to machine and also tougher.  Minimum tensile strength is 125,000 psi. Hardness is 271 Brinell. Alloy lead screws are black-oxide finish. 

If it is important to you, please be sure to check our listing description to determine if the offering is Low Carbon or Alloy steel.  Our lead nuts are designed to fit either alloy and give a long and accurate life with either material.