202031 Touch Tool Setter for CNC Mill Router w/ Mach3 LinuxCNC Sherline Taig

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United States


202031 - Touch Trigger Tool Sensor TP-103 w/6' shielded cable, no connector. Set height = 1.70 inch approx.

contact probe

 contact probe 

The TP-103 is a table based tool measurement instrument.  It is used to measure tool lengths on a CNC mill or CNC router. This device will typically measure the Z tool length of a tool within .001 inch.  It is a soft touch device, and will not chip or dull cutting tools that come in contact with the flat stylus.  There is approximately .100 inch of over travel before the device bottoms out, providing ample room for axis deceleration. 

This tool sensor will work with CNC controllers that interface to a probing input from a normally closed switched contact.  This includes DeskCNC, Mach3, TurboCNC, EMC, linixCNC, Flashcut and many other programs/controllers.When used with Mach3 and similar programs with a probing command, the tool setter can be used for automated tool setting.  When used with DeskCNC there are built in routines to measure tool lengths from within a G-code program or by using MDI.  Tool Setter Video For other CNC systems, please check with the producer to verify that the system can utilize a contact toolsetter to automatically set tool lengths.

Unlike the simple contact plate type of tool setter, this type of tool setter does not use a circuit through the spindle and tool to detect tool touch offs( normally-open type of logic).  This circuit ( normally-closed) makes for a safer, and more durable, reliable, and accurate tool setting process.

For best results, use in the upright position as shown in photos.  Not recommended for use as a lathe tool sensor. Sensor is designed for use at 5 vdc signal levels.  For higher voltage systems, we recommend installation of a current limiting resistor wired in series.  500 ohms at 12 volts and 1000 ohms at 24v.  This device is very simple to install and can be used with the same inputs as a touch trigger probe.  The connections are red for signal input and black for ground.  no polarity required.  The 3rd wire is an uninsulated shield that can optionally be connected at the controller end to reduce interference levels in high noise environments.  Most systems do not require that it be connected.

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